Montreal’s food scene is different from other places. You don’t have to be formal or in language and attire to meet or greet people. People of Montreal are known for their polite and friendly approach. Thus, it is one of the best locations to dine out and get to know the city better. You never know you would make some amazing friends in a restaurant.

Being one of the largest cities of Canada, you won’t have to wait for your food to be served as the numbers of fine dining restaurants are equally large. Riverside resto st henri is one of the ideal choices for local residents and tourists. We suggest learning a few basics of how to eat out at a restaurant in Montreal. Following these will only help you connect with Montreal people better.

5 basic guidelines for eating out at some of the finest restaurants in Montreal:

  1. Online research: Before you visit a restaurant, it would be wise to check the cuisines served and the rates. It really helps to think of a place that is suitable according to your budget rather feeling embarrassed at the time of the bill.
  2. Table reservation: Some days in Montreal get busy and if you wish to explore a specific place, be wise to reserve your table. In case of any late arrival or reservation cancellation, make sure you inform the staff about it beforehand.
  3. Be polite: Don’t be surprised if you are greeted by an over-enthusiastic staff at the restaurant. Montreal is known to be the best hub for restaurants for their amazing staff and services. All they expect is that you stay polite with them as they are to you.
  4. Tipping: Learn the tipping etiquette before you actually tip at a restaurant. Canadians usually don’t have a habit of tipping much. However, you must know that certain restaurants in Montreal charge a gratuity which is usually for larger group dining. It is charged directly on the bill.
  5. Menu: Read the Menu carefully before ordering anything. You must know that the menu doesn’t include taxes, tips, and other service charges. Thus, the price of a respective dish will be slighter higher than shown on the menu.

Different restaurants in Montreal have specific rules and terms that you can check online on their website. Riverside resto st henri is a good place to begin exploring your taste buds in Montreal.