BBQs2u is the perfect place for barbecue lovers in the UK. This store provides top-notch products from top brands such as Kamado Joe grills, Napoleon BBQ, Masterbuilt and Ooni Pizza. The special of them is, they pick up the products from various reputed brands only after testing them properly. This family is more passionate about grilling. In fact, they always want to give the best to their clients.

BBQs 2u provides some great deals and discounts to their clients every year, especially during the festive season. People who want to buy their products could visit their website to know about their latest offers. Get ready to grab their Christmas offers this year. Once you place your order, you will receive the product at your doorsteps within no time in the UK. Masterbuilt gravity series have become extremely everywhere now. The reason for this is, it made charcoal barbecuing a lot easier.

The Masterbuilt barbecues are known for their efficiency. They are also easy to maintain. When it comes to the Gravity series it is a huge success. It is perfect for people who love the natural charcoal flavor. Traditional charcoal cooking can be quite stressful and the people who want to avoid it could choose the Gravity series happily.

Gravity Series 560

They come with a cooking area of 560sq. in and the hopper capacity is 16lbs. The 560 series charcoal grill and the smoker can be used for roasting, grilling, searing, smoking, and baking happily. Besides, it is the DigitalFan™, that helps in maintaining the cooking temperature you want. Users can select the temperature on the digital control panel. Users can also use their smart devices for the same.

People who are planning to buy this must buy a cover too, to protect it from nicks and scratches. In fact, it can provide protection to the barbecue from the rain, sun, and snow. The Masterbuilt water-resistant cover can save your investment on the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560 Bundle. When you buy the Gravity series 56 bundle, the below items would come for free to you at BBQs2u. Look at them.

  • Official Cover
  • Wood Chunks
  • Lumpwood Charcoal

This grill can reach 370°C in a matter of just 13mins.

The 3 editions of the gravity series include 1050, 800, and 560, while the latest one is the 1050 series. They differ from each other in terms of size. For example, the 1050 series has more cooking space compared to the 800 and 560 series. People need to pick the one keeping their needs in view.

If yours is a small family, you can go for the 800 or 560 series. For large families, the 1050 series would be an ideal choice. The size may affect how long it takes to heat something to a certain temperature. All the models from the gravity series are named considering the cooking space and the grilling surface.

BBQs 2u is the first choice for many people who love grilling. People who want to know about their latest products and offers could check their twitter and Facebook pages.